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Tropic of Cancer Healing Care Brand

Originating from Frances' Secret Garden in the United States in 1911

Healing the body and mind with the power of nature
——Jardin Jardin

Brand Origin

Jardin Jardin,Healing the body and mind with the power of nature. Inspired by Francis' Secret Garden 'in the United States in 1911; Jardin Jardin draws inspiration from the beautiful and vibrant nature, cherishes the trust in nature and hopes for the magic power of plants, selects natural and pure ingredients on the Tropic of Cancer, draws the source of beauty from nature, carefully extracts every drop of essence of natural plant vitality on the Tropic of Cancer, converts it into powerful conservation energy, and outlines the infinite vitality of the natural world, Create a secret garden that belongs to the skin of every valued customer. Jardin invites you to embark on a skin journey of physical and mental healing on the Tropic of Cancer.

Brand concept

Jardin Jardin Always adhering to the original intention, exploring unparalleled skin experiences with heart, drawing inspiration from flowers in the distant history of the Secret Garden, integrating the magical energy of nature's Tropic of Cancer healing, abandoning complex constraints, and adopting a minimalist attitude, we relax the skin and body, satisfying the human body's visual, taste, touch, smell, and thinking, achieving a sense of physical and mental pleasure and relaxation. In the hustle and bustle of the city, we can relieve all fatigue and return to our roots, Appreciate the pure beauty of nature.
Returning to the Source and Appreciating the Pure Beauty of Nature


◆ Exploring the Power of Eastern Plant Healing
    When the dawn first blooms, it sinks in the misty forest
    Explore the mysterious fantasies of nature and awaken you to a beautiful day.
◆ Selecting healing roses on 23.5N
    With the acceleration of the pace of life, small emotions on the skin also need to be cured. With the essence of Oriental healing power - the Damascus Rose Pure Dew planted in Yunnan on the Tropic of Cancer, you feel as if you are immersed in a lush nature, enjoying this moment of comfortable bathing time.
◆ Inheriting the Centennial Ancient Distillation Process
    The plant extraction technology passed down through a century old tradition preserves the active ingredients in Damascus rose puree on the Tropic of Cancer.

Huayu Blue Wind Chime Series


Empty Forest Autumn Rain Series

◆ International Blender KELLEY FU
We have a professional team of fragrancists led by international fragrancist KELLEY FU, utilizing professional fragrancing knowledge and excellent abilities to provide customers with fragrance and olfactory choices.


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◆ Settle in top five-star hotels worldwide
Currently cooperating hotels: Zhaoqing Wyndham Supreme Hotel | Shenzhen Wyndham Supreme Hotel | Tailin Gate · Spa Store



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