Box series products

  • Neck pattern repair set

    The set contains rich moisturizing ingredients, soothing the fine lines on the neck, making the neck more delicate, tight, and smooth.

  • Youth, Beauty, and Radiance Set Box

    Accurately fade spots and acne marks, improve dullness and brighten skin tone

  • Youth Shaping and Firming Set Box

    Moisturizing and moisturizing, firming the skin, revitalizing the foundation of the skin, filling wrinkles, making the skin elastic and firm.

  • Youth Cleansing and Acne Removing Set

    Promote water and oil balance, refine pores, and improve acne and acne problems

  • Moisturizing and rejuvenating set

    Focusing on research and development for the characteristics of dehydrated skin, improving skin elasticity, repairing fine lines, and making the skin soft and smooth.

  • Acne Removing and Repairing Set

    This set of boxes contains rich moisturizing ingredients, which can dispel acne, control oil, and refresh the skin

  • Radiance and Moisturizing Set

    Selected formula to soothe and moisturize the skin, increase skin hydration, make the skin tender and smooth, and maintain a youthful state

  • Soothing and Repairing Set

    Containing soothing and repairing essence, it can moisturize skin, repair horniness, and improve rough, tight and dry skin.

  • Home care series items

  • Ji'ante Repair facial mask

    Instantly repair redness, tingling, dryness, strengthen skin hydration, and accelerate barrier repair.

  • Ji'ante moisturizing facial mask

    Repair damaged skin, restore youthful appearance, moisturize and moisturize the skin

  • Ji'ante Crystal facial mask

    Provide the collagen required for the project skin, accelerate skin calming and redness removal, and revitalize skin elasticity.

  • Muscle Base Soothing and Moisturizing Repair Liquid

    It can effectively improve dry and fine lines on the skin, increase the skin's self-healing ability, and make the skin increasingly smooth, tight, moisturized, and clean and transparent.

  • Chuanming Acid Repair Liquid

    Root cause inhibition of melanin production, stripping off the already generated melanin on the surface, nourishing and moisturizing the underlying layer of the skin.

  • Hyaluronic acid repair solution

    Permeating layer by layer, locking in water and moisturizing, effectively repairing skin barriers, and deeply moisturizing delicate skin.

  • Repair Double Moisturizing Cream

    Multi dimensional repair, consolidating healthy skin, nourishing and nourishing, soothing repair, and resisting oxidation.

  • Active peptide freeze-dried powder

    A repair formula specifically developed for problematic skin, effectively penetrating into the skin base and activating higher repair power.

  • Brightening and revitalizing microemulsion

    Effectively lock in water and moisturize, making the skin constantly hydrated, smooth, plump, and delicate.

  • Firming and enhancing gel

    Rich in active ingredients such as algae extract and sodium hyaluronate, it can lighten fine lines, improve skin relaxation, and make the skin firm, smooth, and delicate.

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