Handsome Biopharmaceutical Industry Established


The EU GMP standard production base has been built, with a total area of 27000 meters


1. The annual production of injections in the factory has exceeded 50 million units. 2. Participated in the industrialization of a national first-class new drug project under the government project 1


Participated in government project 1 "Industrialization of recombinant protein biotechnology drugs


1. The independent testing center for product inspection standards in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia has been established. 2. Accumulatively obtained 3 national invention patents


Multiple private brand projects have been launched, officially entering the path of branding development


Establishing strategic cooperation with the National Engineering Center for Genetically Engineered Drugs


1. The Handsome Biological Joint Laboratory of the National Engineering Center for Genetic Engineering Drugs was established. 2. The product has been clinically validated by public hospitals such as the Army General Hospital and Beijing Tongren


Strategic partnership with the Bonston Institute for Life Sciences in the UK


1. The company's freeze-dried powder products have won the Guangdong Provincial High tech Product Certification. 2. We have reached a strategic partnership with Delin Medical Group in South Korea


1. Established a cooperative relationship with Professor Huang Junming (Skin Microecology) from the University of California, United States. 2. Jointly established a freeze-dried powder committee with the Guangdong Artists Association


Establishing strategic partnership with listed company "Lafang Jiahua"


1. Introduce multiple automated production lines such as intelligent robotic arms; 2. Launch innovative low-carbon environmental protection project - photovoltaic power generation to promote green environmental protection


Handsome Biotechnology has once again been awarded the title of "International High tech Enterprise", selected as the "Fine, Specialized, and New" Enterprise Cultivation Library in Dongguan, and recognized as the "Dongguan Skincare New Material Engineering Technology Research Center". It has established nearly a hundred efficacy evaluation formulas

Freeze dried powder family's deep cultivation effect skincare for 15 years

★ National high-tech enterprise ★ Guangdong Province freeze-dried powder director unit         ★ The first company to apply for the freeze-dried powder enterprise standard from the Drug Administration
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