The intelligent robotic arm production line for freeze-dried powder and Hansen Intelligent Manufacturing has officially been put into operation

The freeze-dried powder produced by Hansen is not only pharmaceutical grade, but also the outer packaging production line is so intelligent.

After a month of refined debugging, the intelligent robotic arm production line of Hansen Biotechnology's packaging workshop has officially been put into operation, comprehensively improving production efficiency!

This production line is customized based on Hansen Biological freeze-dried powder, freeze-dried solvent bottle material, capacity, etc. The entire process from grasping, identifying labels, and placing is automated.

A seemingly simple production line is actually composed of three major platforms: software, hardware, and auxiliary facilities, which can help Hansen freeze-drying powder achieve automation, intelligence, flexibility, and visualization.


Intelligent and efficient liberation of hands

The intelligent robotic arm reduces the number of workshop operators and can pack approximately 20000 bottles of freeze-dried powder/lyophilized solvent in an hour, increasing production efficiency by at least 10 times.

Flexible grasping, intelligent and stable

Intelligent recognition and adjustment of bottle labels through 3D visual system, flexible grasping and placement from multiple angles. The precise visual system is combined with a flexible robotic arm to achieve perfect grasping time and time again.

Meeting multi-scale requirements

It can meet the different specifications of 3ml, 5ml, and 10ml of freeze-dried powder and freeze-dried solvent series products. The quantity can be flexibly arranged according to the size of the customer's packaging box.

On the basis of the software platform, we can optimize and adjust the parameters of the software platform according to customer needs to meet different specifications, sizes, and quantities, achieving true customization effects. The application of customized intelligent production lines not only reduces labor costs and labor intensity of workshop personnel, but also greatly improves the accuracy and production efficiency of outer packaging.

Hansen has been improving the level of production intelligence, committed to building automated and intelligent chemical plants, and providing customers with higher quality and more efficient services.

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