Eye skincare with "freeze-dried black technology", dual "membrane" power, youthful and radiant eyes!

Guess a person's age, just look in their eyes

Don't believe it?

Look at which one below looks older

As the weakest part of the entire face skin, the eye circumference is only 0.5 millimeters thick, but it can move tens of thousands of times a day. Therefore, the eye circumference is also the first place to grow fine lines. Therefore, predicting a person's age is the easiest way to reveal clues from their eye condition.

Since 2021 to 2022, the sales of eye care products have been on the rise, with an annual growth rate of up to 27%! The post-80s generation is still the main force of consumption, and the number of post-90s consumers is also increasing year by year. With the younger consumer group of eye care products, the market consumption level is constantly expanding, and eye masks have become the second best-selling category in the eye care market share after eye creams!

Hansen Devoted himself to Studying: A+Bright Eye Freeze Drying "Film" Method

Hansen Biotechnology has been focusing on the freeze-drying skincare field for 14 years, applying mature freeze-drying technology and cutting-edge technologies such as "dry wet dual film" to eye masks. It has launched a new form of freeze-drying product - "freeze-drying eye mask", becoming one of the best-selling categories in the efficacy skincare market.

What is freeze-dried eye mask?

Freeze drying "is a technology that freezes active ingredients into a solid state in a sterile environment, extracts water, stabilizes and ensures the safety of the ingredients, thereby preserving their biological activity and efficacy. Freeze dried eye mask is different from conventional eye mask. Freeze dried eye mask uses freeze-dried low-temperature drying technology to "survive" the nutrients of the ingredients, with a core active content of over 95%, making the ingredients more efficient. However, conventional eye masks not only contain preservatives, but also have extremely low levels of active nutrients, making their anti-aging effects not significant.

Hansen Biology adheres to the pharmaceutical grade stable -40 ° constant freeze-lock live freeze-drying process, strictly follows the time curve to control the quality of freeze-drying, and uses 14 years of professional freeze-drying experience to adjust the technical points, making the efficacy more dense and stable, making the freeze-drying eye film not easy to break, but also possessing the characteristics of rapid dissolution and absorption. Hansen's core freeze-drying technology allows fragile eye areas to enjoy intensive freeze-drying and active nourishment, allowing the eyes to fight against time!

Welcome to the popular freeze-dried eye mask all over the internet! Developed by Hansen's R&D technical team, the peptide tightening and brightening freeze-dried eye mask case is a popular item in stock, sold directly from the source manufacturer, customized ODM OEM for the brand, with a daily production capacity of up to 200000 pairs!

Zhenjing Compound Peptide Components

The compound peptide (pentapeptide, hexapeptide, nine peptide) epidermal growth factor formula uses active substances inherent in the human body to promote skin cell proliferation, achieve the effect of softening the skin epidermis layer, and improve problems such as rough, dull, and elastic skin pores.

Paired with special transparent film fabric

Through the combination of a specially designed strong absorbent film cloth, the freeze-dried eye mask is quickly dissolved and absorbed during use. At the same time, the tension of the film cloth is utilized to achieve microcirculation absorption of the skin surface and freeze-dried substances, assisting in lifting the skin around the eyes.

4 fully automatic production lines and 7 large freeze-drying machines with industry-leading production capacity advantages

Hansen Biotech has a fully automatic freeze-drying production line, which operates in one flow of bottle washing, filling, and capping. With seven world-class Dongfulong freeze-drying equipment and the solar power supply matrix built by Hansen, it can not only ensure product quality but also improve production efficiency. The daily production capacity of freeze-dried powder is more than 50W pairs, the daily production capacity of freeze-dried facial mask is more than 20W pairs, and the daily production capacity of freeze-dried facial mask is more than 10W pieces, leading the industry with industrial advantages! So far, the company has reached strategic cooperation with many well-known brands in the industry, and has a considerable reputation and influence in the freeze-dried powder industry. It is an ideal choice for cosmetics brand processing!

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