Technological innovation empowers beautiful careers! Hansen Biotechnology and Xuanjia Jointly Build the "Supramolecular Freeze Drying Technology Research Base"

       Freeze drying technology refers to a drying technique that pre cools a material containing a large amount of water, freezes it into a solid below freezing point, and then dehydrates it using the principle of sublimation. It can effectively preserve the activity of some unstable active substances, prevent oxidation, and the anhydrous dosage form prevents bacteria from growing in an environment, thus obtaining advantages such as ultra-long preservation without adding anti-corrosion.

       With the iteration of technology, it has now been combined with multi-disciplinary technologies such as cell engineering, skin microecology, DNA, etc. Its application fields have also extended from biomedicine and food to cosmetics

       On March 6, 2023, Guangdong Hansen Biology and Xuanjia (a functional personal care raw material brand under Shenzhen Shanhai Innovation) held the unveiling ceremony of the "Supramolecular Freeze Drying Technology Research Base". Both sides will explore scientific research in the raw material industry from multiple dimensions, consolidate scientific research and innovation capabilities, and empower industry development.

       Guangdong Hansen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hansen Group and was established in 2008 with a total investment of 150 million. The company is located in the National Songshan Lake High tech Industrial Development Zone, covering an area of 41 acres. A self built garden style modern chemical factory with a modern production base of 50000 square meters, an international standard research and development laboratory, a 100000 level local 100 level dust-free workshop, equipped with more than 300 professional equipment and multiple automated production lines, is a comprehensive OEM/ODM production source manufacturer of cosmetics that integrates research and development, production, and sales. It is the first company to apply for the freeze-dried powder enterprise standard from the Food and Drug Administration and was awarded the title of National High tech Enterprise in 2018. As a factory specializing in the production of freeze-dried skincare, it was appointed as the director unit of the freeze-dried powder special committee of Guangdong Artists Association in 2019. 

       Shanhai Innovation is the world's first technology industrialization platform company that applies supramolecular chemistry technology to the field of pan health. The R&D team brings together more than 10 professors, nearly 30 doctoral students, and more than 40 master's degrees. With the "supramolecular self-assembly" technology as the application core, it provides one-stop customized R&D services for customers in the pan health field, including raw material development, finished product production, efficacy evaluation, and inspection. The company's products have been verified and recognized by leading enterprises in the industry, and have established deep cooperation with multiple leading enterprises, including Huaxi Biotechnology.

       Xuanjia, a subsidiary of Shanhai Innovation, is committed to exploring global raw materials and drawing inspiration, driving innovation in raw materials and formula technology through Chinese scientific research and innovation. Through "supramolecular eutectic/ionic salt technology", "NaDES directed extraction technology", "superconducting synergistic permeation technology", "biological enzyme green catalytic technology", "micro lipid capsule encapsulation technology", and "peptide graded self-assembly technology", research and production of functional raw materials in the field of beauty and skincare are carried out, as well as modification and upgrading of traditional functional raw materials.

       The "Supramolecular Lyophilization Technology Research Base" jointly established by both parties will explore the development of safer and more effective formula applications using supramolecular high activity raw materials combined with freeze-drying technology. Both sides have strong alliances in terms of advantageous technology to create a new hot spot in the field of beauty and skincare products!

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