Section 1、Company introduction

1、Q: What are your R&D advantages?
A:Our company cooperate closely with many famous universities and laboratories for R&D. We have imported a few advanced freeze-drying equipments and own a lot of freeze-drying processing technology. With cooperations with famous foreign raw material suppliers, we keep ourselves updated with the latest trends in raw materials. The R&D department will tailor to customers’ demand and launch products quickly based on the market changes. 

2、Q: Why choose Handsome?
A: –We are the largest manufacturer of freeze-dried skincare products in GuangDong China,Has experienced in the functional skincare for 15 years.
–We are the first cosmetic freeze-dried powder company approved by China State Food and Drug Administration
–The freeze dried powder daily production capacity is higher than one million pairs. The daily production for cream skincare and facial masks is 300,000 bottles and 200,000 pieces
–With Strict quality control process
–All export documents are fully prepared

Section 2、Product Advantage

3、Q:What products can you produce?
A:Freeze-dried powder,Freeze-dried balls, Freeze-dried eye masks,Freeze-driedflocs , Freeze-dried mask and Other basic skin care product, like toner, cream, essence and mask etc.

4、Q: What are the advantages of your products?
A: we are the expert of freeze dried powder, our advantageous product is freeze dried powder. We have 7 sets of large freeze-drying machines, The daily production capacity is higher than one million pairs., we have more than 10 years productionexperience of freeze-dried powder, the international brand PROYA, Doctorplant are among our clients, our formulasmade by advanced technology anda variety of original imported raw materials. We are committed to creating "freeze-dried skin care, first brandof China’s".

Q:What are your speciality products?
A:We focus on freeze-dried skin careproduct, But we also have our own cutting-edge technology in whiteningcream, acnegel, wrinklesessence, moisturisingessence etc, our customers brand has been hot selling in China for many years and won the favour of consumers.

5、Q:What are the function of your 2 in 1 product?
A: 2 In 1 Facial Serum contains Lactobacillus, Inulin and fructose, Lactobacillus/soymilk ferment filtrate, Bifida ferment lysate  and other nourishing ingredients. It works on the surface and deep in the skin to promote a more yourthful and healthy-looking bottle can solve your skin problems,it`s convenient for you to travel or on business.

6、Q: When does the skin need to use freeze dired powder?
A:  –when your skin seems dull and ry
–when your skin seems to lose elasticity
–when you start to notice signs of aging
–when you are concerned about fine lines and wrinkles etc.

7、Q: Why do skincare products need to be freeze-dried?
A: 1, heat-sensitive substances will not be denatured or inactivated, and some volatile components in the substances are lost very little when drying at low temperature;.
2、Because the drying is carried out in the frozen state. Therefore the volume remains almost unchanged, the original structure is maintained and no concentration occurs; .
3、The dried substance is loose and porous, spongy. After adding water, it dissolves rapidly and completely, and almost immediately recovers its original properties. 
4、Drying can exclude more than 95% ~ 99% of the water, so that the dried product can be preserved for a long time without deterioration.

8、Q4: Can this product injected into the skin?
A: it’s only for daily skin care, not for injection.

Section 3、R&D Production & Research Strength

9、Q:What Certificate do you have?
A:–Company certificate FDA, ISO 22716, GMPC, and SGS Audit Report; 
–Products certificate: MSDS, COA 
–Besides, we can assist you apply for others documents in your local market.

10、Q:What instruments and equipment are available in the laboratory?
A:Our laboratory is equipped with advanced conductivity meter, pH meter, viscometer, foam meter, centrifuge, heat &cold thermotank, biochemical incubator and so on.

11、Q:What are the international raw material suppliers that your company cooperates with?
A: We have a long-term relationship with famousraw material suppliers such as Croda,DSM,Lubrizol,ISP,BASF,Dow Corningetc.

12、Q:How long is the stability test?
A:Four week for regular product testing and two months (8 weeks) for new formula testing. We also can do it according to customers' requirements.

Section 4、Manufacturing process

13、Q:How Handsome make the freeze dried powder?
A: The technique process transforms the liquid into powder under a below 40degrees environment. locking up the ingredients in high activity through the freeze-drying process,The freezing time is 24-36 hours every time. We have a total of 7 freeze-drying machines.Can meet all order requirements

14、Q:How about the production process of Handsome freeze-dried powder?
A:Freeze-dried powder is produced by multiple production processes such as pre-freezing, one-time drying and sublimation of free water, and secondary analytical drying and removal of bound water,each link must set the corresponding temperature and pressure and time parameters in order to ensure the quality of freeze-dried powder。

15、Q:What are the requirements for the environment of your production workshop and how to monitor it?
A: The production workshop of our company is designed according to the GMP requirements of pharmaceutical companies, Production plant to meet the requirements of a class 10thousand clean area. Every Monday and Wednesday, the quality control department monitors the air in the emulsification workshop and filling workshop to ensure that the whole production environment isunder controlled and safe.

16、Q: What is the dressing process for workers when they enter the production area?
A: When workers enter the production clean area, they are required to change shoes twice, change clothes twice,wear a caps and masks, clean and sterilise and dry their hands, and enter the production clean area after air shower.

17、Q:What kind of pre-treatment need to do for the water of productive used, and are there any tests on physical and chemical indexes before use?
A: Our company's water purification equipment using secondary reverse osmosis process, water quality conductivity can reach 5μs/cm or less. The water quality is sterilised by ultraviolet cycle to ensure pure and safe water, and the conductivity and pH value of the production water are tested every day.

18、Q: Whether the production equipment is cleaned and sterilised?
A: Our production and filling equipment must be strictly cleaned and sterilised before use.

19、Q:Did the filling personnel disinfect their hands during the filling process?
A: Our production personnel in the filling room is wearing gloves to operate, and every hour will use disinfectant alcohol to clean and disinfect the hands, in order to reduce the personnel hygiene on product quality caused by pollution.

20、Q:How is the sanitisation of the entire production plant arranged?
A:Our company arranges persons to clean and sterilise the production equipment, operation desktop and floor after work every day. Every Friday, we also disinfect the whole clean area and turn on the ultraviolet ray for 30 minutes to sterilise the air

21、Q:whether disinfected the packaging material before entering the filling room ?
A: Yes.The plastic packaging we use is sterilised by ozone for 30 minutes and the glass is sterilised by alcohol after washing in deionised water and dried before being used for filling. Mask cloths are also subjected to UV irradiation.

22、Q:Are the air conditioning equipment filters in the production area regularly cleaned and disinfected?
A:Yes, all exhaust fans in our company have undergone pre-treatment, and the filter screens in the air conditioning are also regularly cleaned and disinfected

Section 5、Business Cooperation

OEM Cooperation

23、Q:What are the procedures to customise an OEM sample?
A:R&D engineers design the formulation according to the customer's demand (including skin feeling, efficacy, cost, etc.), and technicians make samples according to the formulation. After the sample is completed, it needs to be tested for physical, chemical and stability, and then sent to the customer for confirm after passing the test.

24、Q:I have a sample, can you copy the sample?
A: Yes, we have our own R&D lab and professional R&D team.

25、Q: Can I make my own brand product with private label? 
A:Yes ,we offer OEM and ODM service for our clients from home and abroad .We can give you some professional advices also .

26、Q:What’s your MOQ with existing product?
A:To ensure the quality of the products, Freeze-dried powder: 30,000 pairs, cream: 100KG, essence: 100KG, mask: 50,000 pcs, please contact usif you need more detailed information.

27、Q: Are your prices the lowest and is there any bargain space?
A: we always trying best to quote best price to our customers, but sometimes it depend on your quantity. We do win-win cooperation.

28、Q:How long will it take you to deliver the goods?
A:We will deliver the goods within 25-30days. 

29、Q:Can we get the sample for testing quality and How long can I get the products?
A: Yes, 5 working days for stock formula samples, 7 days for customization formula samples

30、Q:Can you provide customization of the brand and packaging?
A:Yes, print logo MOQ is 200pcs. Please provide LOGO picture in AI, PS, CDR format, no JPG please. We have a professional design team to provide you with services.

31、Q: Can I order less than MOQ quantity if I want to print my brand/logo? Because I cannot buy so many goods. 
A: Usually we suggest customers it’s better to buy our stock goods directly and also accept small order.

Cross-border cooperation

32、Q: Have your products been exported to foreign countries?
A: Yes, but it mainly exports to Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and is also expanding into more other markets

33、Q:What is your terms of payment ?
A:We accept T/T,Westren Union or Alibaba Trade Assurance before production. 50% as deposit, and 50% before delivery. 

34、Q: What’s your shipping process for bulk orders?
–Based on your requirements, we can offer you cheap and fast Express to ship your goods. 
–Fast Express: DHL FedEx, UPS and by Air
–Cheap Economy Shipping Way: By Sea, Train, DPC shipping etc.,

35、Q:How do you handle customer quality complaint calls when they are received?
A: Before the products leave the factory, we strictly follow the requirements of ISO9001 and GMP to carry out quality control. If we receive a quality complaint, we will confirm the name, quantity and batch of the complained product at the first time, and find out the retained samples according to the name and batch. And traceability tracking and analysis of this product. And the result will be feedback to the customer in 5-7 working days and provide the corresponding solution.

Section 6、Aboutskin microecology

36、What is skin microecology?
Skin microecology refers to an ecosystem composed of various microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, mites and arthropods, as well astissues, cells, secretions, and microenvironments on the surface of the skin. The interaction between skin microbiota, hosts and external environment constitutes the balance of skin microecology. Skin microbiota is an important component in balancing this system.
Gallo published an article in Journal of Nature that proved microbiota not only existed on the surface of the skin, but also under the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous adipose tissue in the year 2012.

37、What is microecological skin care?
It mainly refers to improving skin barrier function and cell combination, accelerating skin renewal and improving skin health by supplementing probiotics or prebiotics.

38、What are the components that regulate skin microecology?
Probiotics: The cell extracts or metabolic byproducts of probiotics are currentlythe most widely used ingredients in skin care products to regulate skin microbiota. Including lactic acid bacillus, yeast, split yeast, microsphere bacteria, etc.. Probiotics can promote bacterial balance, enhance skin barrier function, enhance skin defense, enhance skin stability, and reduce various adverse reactions to the skin.
Prebiotics:are organic substances that can promote the metabolism and appreciation of probiotics, thereby improving host health, including α- Glucan, β-Fructooligosaccharides, sugar isomers, galactooligosaccharides, etc.. Prebiotics can be used to establish a healthy skin microbiota and strengthen microbial protective barriers.
Postbiotics: are the general term for the metabolites of probiotics after processing, including bacterial bodies and metabolites. Postbiotics can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, and provide benefits such as antioxidant protection, reduced sensitivity, and hydration.

39、What skin problems can be caused by the imbalance of micro-ecological flora?
1、Reddish, fragile, and sensitive
2、Dry peeling
3、Dark and dull
4、Water oil imbalance

40、What are the skin care effects of probiotic ingredients?

In the production process of skin melanin, various enzymes and chemical catalytic reactions are involved. Probiotics can reduce the production of melanin, improve darkness, and achieve whitening effects by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase. In recent years, probiotics have been increasingly used in whitening cosmetics. For example, the lactic acid in lactic acid bacteria can directly inhibit the synthesis of melanin by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase, or affect the expression of tyrosinase for whitening effects.

There are many reasons for dry skin, including seasonal changes, skin barrier dysfunction, abnormal peeling, and so on. Probiotics can reduce water loss through the epidermis and improve skin hydration, which can be used to improve skin dryness. In addition, probiotics can improve the skin's barrier function and reduce skin moisture loss, making them good skin moisturizers. Lactobacillus brevis can improve skin hydration and alleviate dry skin. There is also Lactobacillus rhamnosus (LR) microfluidic lysate, which can effectively repair the skin barrier.

Wrinkles are caused by atrophy of the dermis and repeated contraction of facial muscles. The use of probiotics has been proven to improve facial wrinkles, and their antioxidant activity is closely related to their anti wrinkle properties. Probiotics can inhibit the synthesis of matrix metalloproteinase-1 MMP-1, reduce the degradation of collagen, and thus achieve the goal of wrinkle resistance. 

Examples of products containing probiotics:
Kiehl's:clearly corrective dark spot solution
Dr. ALVA: probiotics study balanced repair lotion
Histoire Naturelle :Lactobacillus Skin Rejuvenating Balance Water

Bliss Mighty Biome Series

41、Q: What ingredients does Handsome micro-ecological freeze-dried powder consist of?
A: Probiotics + prebiotics + postbiotic, SymRebootTM L19 (MALTODEXTRIN, LACTOBACILLUS FERMENT), disssure yeast fermentation products (Bifida Ferment Lysate) inulinand fructose, lactobacillus/soymilkFerment Filtrate etc. Experiments results showed that SymReboot L19 can adjust the expression of antibacterial peptides, improve the protection of antibacterial peptides against harmful bacteria, regulate the balance of skin flora, enhance the defense of skin barriers, effectively rebuild skin healthy microecology, and rebuild microecological barriers.

42、Q: Haveaddedlive probiotics been to Handsome microecological repair freeze-dried powder?
A :according to national cosmetics laws and regulations, the microbial content in cosmetics cannot exceed the limit value, so live bacteria cannot be added to cosmetics. Probiotics in freeze-dried powder refer to the SymReboot L19 component, which is inactivated through a new processing technology that can preserve the complete tissue structure of probiotics. It is named maltodextrin and lactobacillus fermentation products in the composition list.

43、Q: Why should probiotics + probiotics + posterigens be made into freeze-dried powder?
A: Skin micro-ecological health is inseparable from probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics. Most of these ingredients need to be freeze-dried for stable preservation.


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