Freeze-dried powder produced by Hansen Zhizao Real Pharmaceutical Factory
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    Director unit of freeze dried powder special committee of Guangdong Artists Association

    Hansen Zhizao Freeze Dried Aristocratic Family

    Experts in the core technology field of freeze-drying



    Hundred level




    Modern production base
    Clean and dust-free
    Premium Recipe Library
    Patent technology
    Annual renewal



    Lyophilized powder, lyophilized eye mask, lyophilized facial mask, lyophilized milk, lyophilized ball, lyophilized tablet, lyophilized pinch
    bottle, lyophilized ampoule, lyophilized spray, water, milk, cream, cream, essence, facial mask, stock solution, essential oil, spray, gel, others

    15 years of technological accumulation, focusing on the field of efficacy skincare

    Guangdong handsome Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive OEM/ODM intelligent manufacturing source enterprise that integrates research and development, production, and sales of cosmetics; It is a modern GMP factory building starting from a 100000 level medical grade clean room, covering an area of 41 acres and about 50000 square meters. It not only has strong technical strength and sound and standardized testing methods, but also continuously introduces international fully imported high-quality production equipment, strives to build high-quality product quality, build core research and development capabilities for skincare, and insists on researching and producing high-quality, innovative, environmentally friendly, and effective skincare products.

    150 million fully automated intelligent manufacturing workshop

    Handsome strictly follows the latest national "Cosmetics Production Quality Management Standards" for management and production, providing a good guarantee for the production quality of cosmetics.

    ◎ Class 100 dust-free and clean workshop
    ◎ The water used for product preparation is 0 heat source injection water
    Purified water is only used for cleaning packaging materials and utensils
    7 high-end freeze-drying machines and equipment
    ◎ Three cycles of ultrasonic vibration cleaning
    5-minute 350 ℃ high-temperature oven treatment
    ◎ International imported fully automated production equipment
    ◎ EU GMP production management system

    High tech R&D enterprises

    Handsome gathers top talents in various fields such as dermatology, fine chemicals, life sciences, and applied chemistry. Among them, 80% of the R&D team has a pharmaceutical background, deeply integrating domestic and foreign R&D advantages, establishing strategic alliances and stable partnerships with multiple well-known experimental research institutions and key universities at home and abroad, and carrying out domestic and foreign technology R&D cooperation, with strength surpassing the international research level.

    ◎ International Standard R&D Laboratory
    Multiple professor level experts lead the research and development work
    20 senior R&D team members
    Over 80 efficacy evaluation formulas
    ◎ 300+technical invention patents
    ◎ 10000+mature formulas

    Global raw material procurement

    Handsome selects high-quality raw materials globally and has a safe, reliable, and stable origin in purchasing raw materials. Most of its raw materials come from the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

    ◎ Layout of global raw material supply chain
    Strategic partners of raw material giants in 12 countries
    ◎ International authoritative organic certification of raw materials
    Adhere to EU organic certified cosmetics standards
    Select the best ingredients and control quality from the source

    Provide OEM/ODM one-stop service

    Chain style high-quality product service

    ◎ Reference to the EU GMP production management system
    ◎ Five star sales service team
    ◎ Real time follow-up of product landing throughout the entire process

    Super Advantage Product Cost Performance

    ◎ Own industrial park
    ◎ Green and environmentally friendly photovoltaic power generation
    High production capacity and short delivery cycle


    So far, it has attracted over 1000 brands
    ——  Provide OEM/ODM one-stop service  ——
    Welcome to visit the factory
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